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Creating Your Life Vision

This week, I wanted to take a second and talk about something that a lot of people in the personal development space aren't speaking enough about. Having a set life vision can help you become your future self, and so I wand to help you understand how.

I believe this topic is the missing puzzle piece to achieving their goals, or their intentions, or the manifestations, or whatever it is that you are working on to create an ideal life. 

Because here’s the thing- there's going to be days where you don't feel like showing up. There's going to be days where you don't want to show up for your calendar and you are losing motivation for personal growth. It's one of the reasons people fail on their New Year’s Resolutions. 

What I’m talking about is the practice of creating your life vision.

I believe it is the missing key to this. Creating a life vision for yourself is an intentional way to give yourself more clarity and purpose to safeguard your results. 

This is why I wanted to take some time and go over this practice with you. 

Now let's start our journey together in creating your life vision by introducing you to your past and future self. 

Now, both versions of her are important in defining your life vision. What's crazy is so many people let their past selves dictate their entire adult life moving forward up until the day they die. 

What we want to do is live into your future. We want to excel and live into your future self.

Let's just take a step back here and dissect these terms for just a minute. 

The concept of your past self is who you have been, and maybe even who you're being right now, depending on your intention and how you're going about your day. 

For example, can you imagine if when you were four years old, you just decided that you were never going to evolve further? That you weren't going to ever try any new things because you told yourself, “This is just how I’ve always been, and this is what I’m comfortable with.” 

So imagine if at 4 years old, you never tried anything new or learned anything more or evolved. How stunted would you be for your entire life?

It sounds ridiculous yet for some reason, when we enter adulthood, we get stuck in our individual experiences and stop evolving entirely. We even start using excuses based on our past as to why we can't. 

This way of moving through your life is so similar to having a four year old never eat new foods or never trying to ride a bike, because you tried it once and you fell down. Yet so often we do the same thing. The negative thoughts mindset can just camouflage itself with more adult perspectives.

Maybe you don't want to go on a date again because we've been through several bad dates. So you tell yourself the story based on your past self, that all guys are bad. 

Or maybe we had a bad haircut from a hairdresser once so will absolutely never go to a hair stylist again. The result? You now have tragic hair indefinitely rather than just until you found a better stylist.

These kinds of thoughts are depriving us of awesome life experiences based on our past. What I'm going to encourage you to do is to create your vision based on your future, and then live into your future self

Now your future self is who you are becoming. Your future self has been there, done that took the risks.

What’s amazing is you can channel her to give you the pep talks and let you know which direction you should be going. She is always available to you because she is you

Life visioning process

What I love about this life vision concept is it helps you channel your own natural intuition instead of looking outside of yourself for answers. So often, (especially as women) we know in our gut what's right, and what we want to do. It's a vision for you.

However, we might have a need to validate it with everybody around us before we have the confidence to actually take action.

If we are spending more and more time visualizing and living into your future, it gives you the confidence, clarity and the control over your own life. Self love is a must. Really that's what this is all about.

 If you are setting intentions or goals and they're not based on your authentic dreams, then what's the point? The hard truth is, you're not going to be satisfied and you're not going to feel good when you get there. 

The other thing I love so much about this process is that you are focused on the journey and who you are becoming in the process. This is the stuff that’s going to make the entire process so fulfilling, rewarding and a really fun adventure, which is what life should be. Life is a creative endeavor!

Creating A Life Vision

This is the part where a lot of you might be thinking, okay, Lisa, that all sounds great, but what does that best life really look like? 

Let’s break down a few examples shall we?

For example, if your future self runs a successful business, ask yourself if she shows up on the days when she doesn't want to? Does she practice getting really organized and delegating? 

Are these things you can start moving into now? Does she have an assistant? Does she batch her content so she's showing up consistently on social media?

These are visualizations that you can use to reverse engineer and step into to gain better understanding. Then before you know it, you can look back and you are running a successful business because you've become the type of person that runs her own business successfully. You have created a life vision to work toward.

If your future self has a really excellent relationship with her kids and is raising happy kids, what does her day look like? How does she communicate with them? 

How does she prioritize their emotions and create quality one-on-one time with them? Is she on her phone? Is she trying to have conversations and halfway pay attention to her kids? Or is she present with them? 

Does she schedule time to be with them and foster their own unique hobbies and things that they're interested in? 

Creating this kind of clarity helps you to start showing up in that way and keep going in the right direction. Having things in your subconscious mind helps you change your way of thinking in the short term and helps you see a long-term vision.

Now, if your future self has lost some weight, how does she think about food? Does she think, “This is so hard. Diets don't work. I'm so hungry. This is not working. I should just eat this thing of Oreos.” 

Or does she think, “wow, I love my body. I love the progress that I've made. I'm going to nourish it. What is it craving right now? Okay………. If I'm craving sugar, that probably means that my body really needs more protein. I’ll have some for lunch.”

Life Vision

This is different than your “best self.” The reason that I like to lean into my future self and not call it your best self is for a few reasons:

The first one is because for some reason, people don't view their better selves as attainable. We can get so comfortable in being our mediocre selves and “loving yourself as you are” (which is so important.) 

However, your future self is evolving. Your future is going to be here whether you do something about it or not. I have found that living into your future self inspires more natural action and new beliefs. 

You see, living into your future self just gives you so much more confidence and puts the ball back in your court so that you don't feel like a victim. There's always something you can do to step further into your future self. 

For me, I know it, it has been an absolute game changer in my personal health and just wellbeing. My youngest, she's seven. Now, when I was pregnant with her, my body had a really, really difficult time handling pregnancy. 

I actually needed heart surgery when she was six weeks old, I have heart disease. I was diagnosed in my twenties, which was very hard and inconvenient. 

Through my pregnancy, I was so much living into my future. I saw myself as somebody that didn't have regular chest pain that wasn't experiencing arrhythmia and heart palpitations.

A person that wasn't limited, that could run and play with my kids. Someone who wasn't on medications that caused dizziness all the time. In living into my future self, nourishing my body by doing cardio and really taking care of myself, I absolutely became that. 

I'm not a doctor, this is only my personal experience. However, I lived into my future self so much that I became that. I still have heart disease, technically, however, I'm off all medication. 

I'm not restricted in any way, shape or form, and I'm actually in better shape than I've ever been in my whole life, and have more energy. I'm able to do really awesome, fun things with my kids all the time.

That is a direct result of me constantly living into my future self and channeling her in my mind's eye, especially in those moments where it felt like all I had was limitations. 

So from here I have a couple questions, because I love having action steps at the end as an effective way to drive these thoughts home.. Here are a few life vision prompts to get you started into an action plan of positive change. 

Really living into your future and creating your strong vision is the fastest way to intentionally create this new version of yourself. It's really the fastest way. These are the most effective strategies that I know of at this time to achieve goals and call in those manifestations, without it feeling so forced. 

Self Reflection Journal Prompts

Now I want you to take out a pen and paper, (feel free to pause to grab these) and answer these prompts to get you started in creating your vision and life goals. Let's make some easy steps toward a clear direction. Try to think of as much detail as you can to make a mental picture of your good vision.

The first one is: how do you make others feel? When it comes to how you show up for others, it’s part of the backbones in your personality. What are you able to give? What are your personal values?

My next question is how do you dress? Style and how you present yourself to the world matters so much. It matters for your confidence, which influences so many areas of your life. How does your future self dress? What kind of style does she have? 

For example, if your future self gets dressed every day, but now you're wearing yoga pants or sweatpants all day, every day, maybe we start dressing up. Where do you live? 

What kind of people do you hang out with? They say that you are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with. Do the five people you spend the most time with, lift you up? Do they make you feel inspired and motivated and do they cheer you on? 

What kind of people do you hang out with, and what kind of woman are you? What is your life vision?

I really encourage you to take a pen to paper and write this all out. It can give you some valuable insight in a powerful way. Then the most important thing: take a few deep breaths, and feel into the big picture of this new reality. Because like I said, the future is coming, whether we're ready or prepared or not!

Life Vision

Your future self has so much wisdom to offer if you just lean into the new wonderful things. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this article, and I cannot wait to hear your takeaways. 

What did you think about this? Please reach out to me. I would love to hear from you in the DMS on Instagram, my handle is @heyitslisamecham. I can’t wait to talk with you!

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