End Child Hunger, Globally

Lunar Herbals works to end childhood hunger and the poverty cycle on a global scale.

  • Our Approach

    “I strongly believe that children should never be deprived of quality food or education. Our partnerships allow us to effectively provide both. That’s why I’m so proud that every single Lunar Herbals product sold provides 15 nutritious meals to a child in India.”

  • Focusing on school lunches gives us multiple advantages…

    We focus on school lunches because it encourages parents to send their kids to school.

    Even in countries where girls aren’t always educated, we’ve seen that the promise of a meal results in more girls attending school.

    A child with a full stomach is also more likely to learn and grow into an adult with a well-paying job.

    Because of our efforts, more children in India can afford to go to school where they can eat and learn.

    Our goal is to not just to feed as many children as possible, but to put an end to generational poverty overall.

Global funding for community-based impact

Our established partners at Akshaya Patra have been on-the-ground, building relationships with producers, growers, kitchens, and distribution channels since 2000.

Meals are made the day of and delivered within hours to kids who rely on them, sometimes as their only meal of the day. 

Every Lunar Herbals product is designed for impact