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Mushroom Mocha

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!

I look forward to adding this to my coffee every morning.

keriba blattel
My morning ritual

I'm on my 4th jar of mushroom mocha and decided now is a good time to write a review. I have a degenerative nerve disease so keeping inflammation to a minimum is really important for me. I've been taking powdered adaptigens and ceremonial cacao for about a year and it has made a noticeable difference with my gut health, energy level and inflammation level. When I switched to this blend I started experiencing even more benefits including healthy skin, overall happiness, stamina and bliss. I add it to my coffee and take time for gratitude and intention setting. When the boutique I purchase this from ran out I came directly to the supplier because I absolutely must have this every day. It truly makes that much of a difference. Additionally I don't have to buy my cacao and mushroom blend separately so I save quite a bit of money. I love the taste as well so the wins just keep coming!

John L Mecham
Great product and cause.

This is a wonderful venture for good health and feeding children who don’t have the resources in their own land. Best to you Lisa, your team and your endeavor.

Soooooo good

I add this every single morning to my hot coffee and a little oatmilk and it tastes so good. I don't use any sweeteners and it tastes like a dark chocolate mocha. When I add this to my coffee, I feel clearer for the rest of the day and I love it's immune boosting benefits.