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Why You Are Already Awesome

Hey friend! Lisa here, founder of Lunar Herbals, and host of the wellness podcast 'The Intentional Morning'. While you are reading this, I will be in Europe! It's kind of crazy that I have created the kind of life where I get to schedule things in advance and show up when I'm not really there. 

There are so many ways to live and intentionally design your life.

I’m so excited to soak it all in. This is my first trip to Europe. 

why you are already awesome

Honestly, I've never traveled like this before. For my entire adult life, I had young kids. Like so many parents, I used my kids as an excuse about why I wasn’t doing the things I deeply wanted to do. 

I told myself that I couldn't be away from them for days at a time so never gave myself permission to travel. I also told myself that it would be too scary to bring them along because I'd never traveled before. 

Yet in all honesty, I had simply had a whole crazy dialogue in my head. After all, there are plenty of traveling families out there, and I even had friends who went on extraordinary adventures with their kids that I could have used to inspire me.

The truth of it is that that wasn't the season for me. That wasn't the chapter I was in. Now that my kids are getting bigger, I can step into his new chapter (which includes travel) and it feels good, stable, exciting, scary and fun. 

This experience has been a great reminder that no matter what stage of life you're in, there's going to be time for all the other stages. This truly incredible knowledge can be very helpful.

why you are already awesome

You really can do so much with this life. We just might have to do it in a different order, or might have to do it in a different timeframe than you had originally anticipated.

This leads me into what I wanted to come on and talk to you about today, which is focusing on what is already going awesome.

Don’t get me wrong- it’s incredible to be continually improving, growing, setting goals and moving forward.

However, it's equally as incredible to focus on and give yourself the credit that's due for how far you've come and how great you already are. Silence your inner critic and think aobut yourself like you are your best friend.

In constantly trying to improve yourself, it can be so easy to fall into a mindset of beating ourselves up instead of feeling grateful for who we are right now. 

We see this in every area of our lives from setting goals career-wise to spiritually. 

While it’s good to be motivated to continue your growth and goal-setting, I encourage you to also give yourself some credit. Look for the career that you've built, the fitness goals you’ve reached, and the routines you’ve been consistent with.

It’s important and a worthwhile goal is to give yourself equal credit and equal time to appreciate how far you've come on your journey. 

So far. We see this in the beauty industry, like crazy where we are just constantly, constantly altering ourselves. You know, if we're too light, we get a spray tan. 

That way we are darker. If we have blonde hair, we dye it brown. If we have brown hair, we bleach it, make it blonde. It ends up feeling like we're always changing ourselves.

you are already awesome

 You know, if that's an alignment with you, if that feels really good and lights you up, good. If it gives you energy and confidence and makes you feel out, great. Great, great, great!

I love all that stuff. However, let's also give equal attention to why you're already awesome, because it's so true. We all have talents and qualities that set us up for success. 

Yet we waste so much valuable time focusing on what we don't have, and the areas where we fall short. 

When instead if we choose to celebrate the good, we can reprogram our mental state. Then we can shift to help guarantee more success, motivation, and confidence to go after our goals. 

I wanted to take time to just celebrate you. Let's spend some time asking you a few questions to help you see how far you've come. 

self worth

I want to help you gain awareness of your inherent awesomeness, and what is so awesome about you as you are right now. So here are a couple journal prompts just because that's how we roll. 

I want you to either take a pen to paper, and write this down, or at least think about, what is your best quality? Because I bet you have a lot. I bet you have a lot!

I bet you're funny, I bet you are beautiful. I bet you are driven wigth amazing strengths, just because that's just who you are. So what is your best quality? 

What do you love the most about yourself? What is great about your everyday life? What would your closest friends say about you? 

What areas of your life do you feel most aligned with? What is your biggest talent? 

What different things give you energy? What are you passionate about and what makes you feel alive?

love thy self

Then from here within the next 30 days, what can you add to your calendar to add more spark to your daily routine? How can we add more of your awesomeness into your calendar and more of these good things that make you feel good? How can we be more aware in the present moment?

Try to figure out what things are so natural that you feel like you reach a flow state. Add celebrating you into your day even more, because let's be honest, you deserve it. You're putting in the work, you're showing up every single day, and you're listening to information like these powerful tips. 

I hope you are finding things that are just providing a ton of value. That is my absolute intention here. I felt like it was important to hop on and talk about celebrating how awesome you already are.

chase your dreams

What happens now that we have awareness of our awesomeness?

From here all that’s left is to just feel good, and go after your dreams in your own way. That's the true power! Go after your goals from a place of motivation and ambition. Go after those powerful shifts that are the best way to help us tune into our best selves. Know that you've already got this because you've already come so far in your personal development. 

I really hope that you have an amazing day, an amazing week. I know this was short and sweet, but I am so excited for you to get even more valuable information from me in my other posts. Until next time!

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